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  • Holiday Recipes

    I love using essential oils as remedies for everyday issues and for getting rid of toxins in my home. The BONUS is that you can also use them to replace everyday flavors in your kitchen. Check out these simple recipes for your next party or get together.




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    Baked Apple Streusel


    • ½ cup oats
    • ½ cup all-purpose flour
    • ½ cup brown sugar
    • 6 tablespoons butter (cold, not room temp)
    • 1 drop Cinnamon Bark
    • 1 drop Ginger
    • 1 drop On Guard®
    • ½ cup dried fruit (dates, raisins, cranberries, cherries)
    • 4 large baking apples


    Heat oven to 350℉ and spray a pie pan or other oven-safe dish with nonstick spray. Combine oats, flour, and brown sugar in a bowl. Use a fork to cut in the butter until it is a crumbly mixture. Add essential oils and dried fruit and blend well, then refrigerate as you prepare the apples. Slice off a small portion of each apple so they can sit in the bottom of the baking dish. Core the apple without cutting all the way to the bottom. Spoon streusel mixture into each apple packing it down and allowing it to overflow. Bake at 350℉ for 40 minutes.

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    • 1 qt cranberry juice
    • ½ qt apple juice
    • ½ qt orange juice
    • 2 drops Cinnamon Bark oil
    • 2 drops Lemon oil
    • 1 drop Clove oil
    • 2 tsp ground nutmeg
    • 1 orange, thinly sliced
    • 1 lemon, thinly sliced
    • ½ c honey, plus more to taste
    • 8 cinnamon sticks, for garnish
    • 1 c fresh cranberries, for garnish


    1. Combine all ingredients (minus the cinnamonsticks and fresh cranberries in a stockpot over medium high heat
    2. Bring to a gentle simmer. Allow to simmer for at least an hour, toenrich taste.
    3. Taste, add more essential oils and honey, ifdesired.
    4. Pour into glasses. Top with cranberries and adda cinnamon stick. Serve hot. Refrigeratefor up to 5 days.
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    Snacking Chocolate


    • 1 cup good quality chocolate chips
    • 1 tsp coconut oil
    • ½ cup almond
    • Peppermint or Wild Orange oil
    1. Place chocolate chips and coconut oil in amicrowave safe bowl. Melt and stir untilsmooth.
    2. Add essential oils drops and mix in. NOTE: One drop of oil would be enough.
    3. Pour melted chocolate onto wax paper or acookiesheet. Spread chocolate around with a spoon to make an even ayer.
    4. Crush almonds and sprinkle over chocolate later.
    5. Place in the fridge and allow to chill.
    6. Break into pieces for snacking.
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