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  • Here's how to use them and why you need them

    Kid’s Thinker (milder version of InTune and is good for adults also)

    Top Uses

    • Homework Booster Apply to back of neck at the beginning of homework time to boost concentration.

    • ADD/ADHD Apply to the back of neck 3x daily or as needed.

    • Creative Writing Apply to temples to incite new ideas during writing projects.

    • Household Chores Apply to naval and wrists to stay focused during chore time so that playtime can come sooner.

    • Test Taking Apply to temples while studying for a test, and again while taking the test.

    • Confusion & Distractions Apply to temples and inhale from cupped hands to promote mental clarity.

    • Other Uses Autism, Asperger’s, Hyperactivity, Mental Handicaps, Nervous Disorders


    Kid’s Rescuer (milder version of Deep Blue)

    Top Uses

    • Battle Wounds Apply liberally to ease pain and injury that happen with the dangers of being an active kid.

    • Sports Injury Apply to injured muscles, joints, and connective tissue 5x daily.

    • Bumps & Bruises Apply every couple hours to reduce the appearance of bruises or bumps.

    • Self-Trust Apply to the back of neck and temples to remember the power of trusting your good instincts.

    • Stinky Feet Apply to feet before and after school.

    • Mighty Muscles Apply to legs, arms, and shoulders as a pre-workout before sports and exercise.

    • Other Uses Charley Horse, Growing Pains, Headache, Lethargy, Joint Pain, Muscle Pain, Muscle Tension

    • Did You Know? Zanthoxylum helps with pain management and recovery by calming nerves and stress that prolong pain.

    • Emotional Use This blend provides the refresh and reprieve needed for soul-soothing. It turns trouble into a pathway to move forward better and wiser.



    Top Uses

    • Headache & Migraine Massage 1-2 drops into temples and base of skull, avoiding the eyes.

    • Digestive Upset Drink 1-2 drops in water, or massage directly over stomach.

    • Asthma & Cough Apply 2 drops with carrier oil over chest and lung reflex points, or diffuse.

    • Bad Breath Lick a dab from your finger.

    • Low Energy & Mental Fog Drink 1-2 drops in water, or diffuse.

    • Muscle & Joint Pain Rub a drop diluted into affected areas.

    • Fevers Apply 1-2 drops to back of neck.

    • Other Uses Alertness, Allergies, Autism, Burns, Cravings, Gastritis, Hangover, Hot Flashes, Hypothyroidism, Loss of Sense of Smell, Memory, Milk Supply (Decrease), Osteoporosis, Sciatica, Sinusitis, Typhoid


    Bergamot Mint

    Top Uses

    • Sleep Issues Diffuse 3 drops with 3 drops of Lavender 30 minutes before bed. Also rub a drop onto the bottoms of feet.

    • Stress & Anxiety Apply a drop to wrists and pulse points, pausing for 60 seconds to breathe deeply while focusing on the aroma.

    • Sore Muscles Massage 1-2 drops with FCO into affected areas as needed.

    • Room Odors Combine 15 drops with 1oz. Vodka in a 20oz. glass spray bottle. Top with water and shake well before use.

    • Depression Apply a drop to wrists and sacral area (above naval).

    • Surface Cleaning Add a drop to cleaning cloth or sponge during household cleaning.

    • Stomach Upset Rub a drop with a drop of Tangerine over the stomach in a clockwise motion.

    • Other Uses Autism, Bloating, Gas, Exhaustion, Insect Repellant, Nervous Fatigue, Relaxation

    • Emotional Use Alcohols like Linalyl Acetate make Bergamot Mint a calming essential oil. It eases tension and mental chatter so that encouragement can naturally rise to the forefront of your emotions.

  • Here's how they help you and why you need them

    Aromatouch (15ml)

    Top Uses

    • Muscle Tension & Aches  -Massage 2-4 drops with carrier oil into tight muscles.

    • Adrenal Fatigue & Lethargy -Apply 1-2 drops to lower back.

    • Back, Neck, & Shoulder Pain -Massage 2-4 drops with carrier oil into affected muscles, or add to hot bath.

    • Post-Work Stress -Massage 2 drops into back of neck to relieve stress from work.

    • Neuropathy -Apply 1-2 drops to bottoms of feet.

    • High Blood Pressure -Apply 1-2 drops to bottoms of feet.

    • Headache -Apply 1-2 drops to temples, avoiding eyes.


    Top Uses

    • Flatulence- Rub 1-2 drops over outside of stomach, or drink with water.

    • Milk Supply (low) -Massage 1 drop diluted around nipples 2-3 times daily.

    • Digestive Disorders -Drink 1-2 drops in water or a capsule.

    • Nausea -Rub 1-2 drops over stomach, or drink a drop in water.

    • Menstrual Discomfort -Rub a drop over abdomen.

    • Parasites -Take 2-4 drops in a capsule.

    • Colic -Rub a drop diluted over stomach.

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