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  • Here's how they help you and why you need them

    Here is why you need them and how to use them:


    Top Uses

    • Indigestion Drink 1-2 drops in water or in a capsule.
    • Colic Apply a drop heavily diluted to baby’s stomach.
    • Nausea Inhale 1-2 drops from cupped hands, or rub over stomach.
    • Muscle Aches Massage 1-2 drops diluted over achy muscles.
    • Bad Breath Swish 1-2 drops in water as a mouthwash.
    • Heavy Menstruation Apply 1-2 drops over back of neck and abdomen, or diffuse.


    Top Uses

    Weight Loss Take 2-4 drops in capsule or drink in water 3-5x daily.

    Appetite Control Drink 2-4 drops in water throughout the day, or diffuse.

    Blood Sugar Regulation Take 1-2 drops in water or in a capsule.

    Cellulite & Visceral Fat Massage several drops with carrier oil into needed areas.


    Did You Know?

    This blend combines the power of balancing blood sugar (Cinnamon), detoxification (citrus oils), and appetite suppressing (Peppermint) to assist with weight loss.


    Emotional Use The Metabolic blend invites the user to release self-criticism, judgment and shame. It turns focus inward where true beauty originates from.




    Cellulite Buster Massage Blend

    • 7 drops MetaPWR
    • 5 drops Juniper Berry
    • 4 tsp Argan oil

    Massage well onto the thighs, buttocks, and any other regions affected by cellulite and leave on for maximum absorption.

    Kick the Cravings Diffuser Blend

    • 5 drops MetaPWR
    • 1 drop Coriander

    Diffuse this blend to help kick cravings and feel satiated.



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  • Here's how they help you and why you need them

    Here is why you need them and how to use them:

    Vetiver Touch


    • ADD, ADHD, Lack of Focus & Concentration Apply topically to back of neck, along spine, and/or under nose. Combine with lavender.
    • Learning Difficulties & Poor Retention Apply topically to back of neck, and/or under nose.
    • Insomnia & Irritability Apply topically to bottoms of feet or back of neck.
    • Nerve Issues & Debility, Numbness Apply topically to affected area.
    • PTSD, Depression & Anxiety, Shock, Fear, Trauma Apply topically to back of neck, forehead, and pulse points. Combine with lavender. Breathe in deeply.
    • Stretch Marks, Aging Skin, Discoloration & Scars, Vitiligo, Acne, Wounds & CutsApply topically to affected areas.
    • Postpartum Depression & Fatigue Apply topically to back of neck, under nose, and on pulse points.
    • Anorexia Apply topically to back of neck or across forehead.
    • Emotional Balance Use aromatically and topically to go from Ungrounded → Rooted.



    • Sleep Issues, Insomnia, Restlessness, Jet Lag Apply topically under nose, on bottoms of feet.
    • Upset, Uptight, Stressed & Anxious, Teeth Grinding Apply topically over heart, on back of neck. Inhale aromatically from cupped hands.
    • Sunburns & Sunstroke, Burns & Scars, Stretch Marks Apply topically to areas of concern.
    • Bug Bites & Stings, Hives, Rashes, Itching, Poison Ivy, Impetigo, Dandruff Apply topically on site to soothe or area of concern.
    • Colic & Upset Baby, Diaper Rash, Thrush Massage topically diluted on abdomen, bottoms of feet, and/or area of concern.
    • Cuts, Wounds & Blisters, Diabetic Sores, Bruises Apply topically to area of concern.
    • Shock, Hysteria, Grief, Sorrow Apply topically over heart and wrists. Breathe in deeply.
    • High Blood Pressure Apply topically on pulse points, over heart, and to bottoms of feet.
    • Labor Pains, Weak Contractions, Placenta Delivery, Postpartum Recovery & Depression, Mastitis, Breast Tenderness
    • Apply topically to lower abdomen, breasts, and/or bottoms of feet. Inhale from cupped hands.
    • Nosebleeds & Pink Eye, Cold Sores Apply topically across bridge of nose, diluted around eye, or on lips.
    • Injuries, Sprains, Muscle Tension, Nerve Pain Apply topically to area of concern.
    • Migraines & Headaches Inhale aromatically and apply topically to temples and back of neck.
    • Emotional Balance Use aromatically and topically to go from Unheard → Expressed.


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