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    Blue Lotus
    Top Uses

    • Youthful Skin - Apply with FCO to arms, neck, and chest to induce the body's natural ability to keep skin hydrated, healthy, and young.
    • Insomnia - Apply to temples and back of neck. Also diffuse several drops before bedtime.
    • Stress Relief - Apply to wrists and pulse points, taking several moments tobreathe slowly and deeply.
    • Mind-Heart Connection - Apply over the heart and to the crown of the head during meditation.
    • Meditation - Apply to temples and over heart to deepen meditation and invite elevated insight.
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    Top Uses

    • Stress & Anxiety - Apply 1-2 drops to temples, or diffuse
    • Sleep - Apply 2 drops to bottoms of feet and temples, or diffuse near bedside
    • Skin Irritations & Burns - Apply 1-2 drops with carrier oil
    • Allergies & Hay Fever - Put a drop under tongue for 30 seconds, then swallow with water
    • Cuts, Blisters, & Scrapes - Apply diluted to affected areas
    • Irritability - Apply 1-2 drops to pulse points
    • Headaches & Migraines - Apply 1-2 drops to temples and base of skull. 

    Tea Tree

    Top Uses  

    • Rashes & Eczema - Apply 1-2 drops diluted to affected areas.
    • Dandruff - Add 2 drops to shampoo daily.
    • Athlete’s Foot - Apply 1-2 drops neat to clean feet.
    • Acne & Blemishes - Apply a dab to affected areas.
    • Staph Infections - Take 1-2 drops in a capsule.*
    • Strep Throat & Tonsillitis - Gargle 2 drops with water, and rub 1-2 dropsdiluted to outside of throat
    • Herpes - Apply 1 drop diluted to affected areas
    • *Truly pure, steam distilled Tea Tree can be used internally.





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    Buy Brightening Gel

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    Brightening Gel



    • Daisy Extract is a natural,skin-brightening agent
      that acts by promoting even skin toneand reducing
      the appearance of dark spots
    • Ginger Root Extract promotes evenskin tone and
      adiant-looking skin
    • Vitamin C helps keep the skin looking youthful
      while providing skin-brightening benefits
    • Microencapsulation technology protects vitamin C
      from breakdown due to oxygen exposure,ensuring
      both the stability and efficient delivery of the vitamin to the skin

    Bergamot, Juniper Berry, and Melissacombine with natural extracts, vitamins, and cutting edge ingredient technologies to brighten and evenskin tone. dōTERRA Brightening Gel is a gentle and effective way to noticeably brighten the skin by reducing the appearance of dark spots and hyperpigmentation without the harsh chemicals usedin other brightening products.

    Can be used as an all-over facial product or to target dark spots.


    Top Uses

    • Circulation (poor) - Apply 2drops to the bottoms of each foot morning and night.
    • Bladder/Urinary Tract Infection - Massage 2 drops with carrier oil over bladder.Repeat every 2 hours as needed.
    • Bone Spurs - Apply directly onto affected area.
    • Concussion - Massage 2 drops with carrier oil into back of neck, backof skull, and shoulders.
    • Restless Leg Syndrome - Massage 2 drops with carrier oil into bottoms of feet,calves, and upper legs.
    • Bed Wetting - Apply 2 drops neat over bladder before bed.


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    Buy MetaPWR Softgels

    GET MetaPWR Assist FREE

    MetaPWR Softgels 

    A blend of essential oils in convenient softgels to help manage hunger throughout the day while boosting metabolism and promoting a
    positive mood, cleansing the body, aiding digestion, curbing appetite,
    providing a stimulating and positive effect on the endocrine system, an
    assisting weight loss and exercise performance.


    Slow metabolism, overweight or obesity, excess adipose whiteand brown cells, lack of energy (fatigue), diabetes, toxic liver, and
    compromised endocrine system.


    • Grapefruit oil: promotes cleansing and detoxifying, decreases appetite, and induces lipolysis (mobilization of fat cells from stored fat).
    • Lemon oil: cleanses, aids digestion, powerful antioxidant, increases lipolysis, and elevates the mood.
    • Peppermint oil: helps manage hunger cravings, soothes digestion, and invigorates the mind.
    • Ginger oil: promotes healthy digestion and enhances metabolism and thermogenesis (increased heat through metabolic stimulation).
    • Cinnamon bark oil: assists with weight loss, lowers blood sugar, and balances insulin response. Also inhibits adipogenesis (fat storage)

    MetaPWR Assist

    A clinically developed product that uses optimized ratios ofthe essential oils contained in the MetaPWRTM Essential OilBlend along with specific herbs and phytonutrients. The desired combined effect
    is to help reduce simple and complex carbohydrate digestion, normalize insulinsensitivity and blood glucose function, activate AMPK, and help the body maintainstable levels of energy throughout the day.


    Support metabolic health and function, help normalize bloodglucose levels, slow the glycemic response, promote healthy insulin activity,
    sensitivity, and response, activate AMPK, and stimulate healthy adipose cell reduction.


    • Mulberry leaf extract: helps prevent the digestion of carbohydrates such as starch and sugar; helps reduce the glycemic index of common dietary carbohydrates.
    • Berberine hydrochloride: assists with weight and body fat loss by inhibiting the enzyme lipoprotein lipase, which increases fat storage; helps regulate how sugar is used in the blood; most commonly used for diabetes and high levels of cholesterol.
    • MetaPWR Assist® Blend (cinnamon bark powder + MetaPWRTM Essential Oil Blend): cinnamon bark assists with weight loss, lowering blood sugar, balancing the insulin response, and inhibiting adipogenesis (fat storage).
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    Buy Peppermint

    GET Wild Orange FREE


    Top Uses

    • Headache & Migraine - Massage 1-2 drops into temples and base of skull, avoiding the eyes.
    • Digestive Upset - Drink 1-2 drops in water, or massage directly over stomach.
    • Asthma & Cough - Apply 2 drops with carrier oil over chest and lung reflex points, or diffuse.
    • Bad Breath - Lick a dab from your finger.
    • Low Energy & Mental Fog - Drink 1-2 drops in water, or diffuse.
    • Muscle & Joint Pain - Rub a drop diluted into affected areas.
    • Fevers - Apply 1-2 drops to back of neck.

    Wild Orange

    Top Uses

    • Energy - Drink 1-3 drops in water, or inhale from cupped hands.
    • Cheering & Mood Enhancer - Inhale 1-2 drops from cupped hands, or diffuse.
    • Anxiety & Depression - Inhale 1-2 drops from cupped hands, or diffuse 5-10 drops.
    • Immune Support - Gargle 2 drops with water, or apply to bottoms of feet.
    • Sleep Issues - Put a drop under the tongue before bed.
    • Smoothies, Dressings, & Sauces - Add according to taste
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    BUY Spearmint Get Lime FREE


    Top Uses

    • Indigestion - Drink 1-2 drops in water or in a capsule.
    • Nausea - Inhale 1-2 drops from cupped hands, or rub over stomach.
    • Muscle Aches - Massage 1-2 drops diluted over achy muscles.
    • Bad Breath - Swish 1-2 drops in water as a mouthwash.
    • Heavy Menstruation - Apply 1-2 drops over back of neck and abdomen, or diffuse.


    Top Uses

    • Chronic Cough - Apply 2-4 drops over chest, mid-back, and lung reflex points.
    • Colds - Drink 1-3 drops in water, and diffuse.
    • Sore Throat - Gargle 2 drops with water.
    • Cold Sores - Apply 1 drop diluted to affected area.
    • Antioxidant - Drink 1-3 drops in water.


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