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Step 6 – ADAPTIV for Emotional Support

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Do you feel irritable, agitated, or get worked up for no good reason?

Do you find that things that used to bring you joy just don’t anymore?

Do you spend most of your time feeling stressed and anxious?

Do you obsess or try to control situations that don’t really matter?

It can feel hopeless, at times, to change these EMOTIONAL responses. These EMOTIONS can just arise out of nowhere, sometimes without even knowing why they came up. 

Cycles of worry, tension, withdraw, fear, hesitation, anger, or uneasiness are easy to create. These cycles are especially easy to create when someone has experienced a traumatic event or a prolonged stressful situation.

“How you feel is not who you are.” -Jennifer Rothschild

Whether you are stuck in a negative pattern or just needing to handle your EMOTIONS in a healthy way when the time arises, the CALMING BLEND SYSTEM can bring EMOTIONAL SUPPORT.

One biological reason that you may be experiencing these emotions is simply due to the fact that your neurotransmitters are not releasing at optimal levels.

ADAPTIV Essential Oil will give you the fast-acting support you need right at the moment you notice those negative emotions, while the Capsules will give you the prolonged support you need to change the cycle of EMOTIONAL response.


Add a few drops to an Essential Oil inhaler or diffuser jewelry to promote adaptability when facing new surroundings or stressful situations.

Diffuse three to fourdrops to promote feelings of reassurance, peacefulness, self-acceptance, and safety.

Dilute and roll on pulse points to reduce feelings of worry, tension, obsessing, and uneasiness.

Dilute and roll into the web of your hand, also known as the hand valley point, and massage for 30 seconds to reduce stress.

Dilute and apply to shoulders to reduce tension and overwhelm.

Use the premade roller for quick and easy topical use on-the-go.

CAUTION: This blend contains citrus oils which are photosensitive. In other words, keep it away from areas where the sun does shine.

DAILY CAPSULE SUPPORT: Take one capsule daily, with food.

“Who you are today is not who you have to be tomorrow.” -Zdravko Cvijetic