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Step 3 –ADAPTIV System Basics

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We have created a fast-paced society that is excessively busy, overscheduled, and overstimulated. We believe there are no limits to our success, but if one fails to stop moving, they will fall behind. People have become robotized with a need to act, multi-task, and constantly check their online statuses. 

Don’t take a break. Don’t rest. Don’t take time to think and reflect.Our entire nervous systemhas been trained to work at an intense level for long periods of time. The neurotransmitters in our brain turn on the “gas” to go-go-go so often and for so long, that the “brake pedal” doesn’t engage. In the wake of this “do it now” way of thinking, many of us face physical and psychological struggles.

This overstimulation and stress causes things like:

• addictions

• obesity

• depression

• anxiety

• attention disorders

• learning disabilities

• mental health issues

• hormone imbalances

• high blood pressure

• heart disease

• immune deficiency

• infertility

• eating disorders

• low self-esteem

• headaches

• loss of sexual desire

• adrenal fatigue•

 thyroid disorders

• insomnia

• vertigo

• digestive disturbances

• mood instability

• restless mind

• pain

• outright exhaustion 

• low productivity

• lack of creativity

• sensory processing disorder

Stress management can help us take charge of our lifestyle, thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, to get us back on track, but we simply can’t eliminate all the stressors in our lives. Instead, we must adapt.

The ADAPTIV SYSTEM helps us decrease stress and restore our physical and mental resilience in the process. “Our bodies are naturally made to adapt, to encounter new situations, and make changes that allow us to thrive in those environments. Our adaptive abilities can be compromised in a number of ways: chronic stress, nutritional deficiencies, sedentary lifestyles, environmental toxins, to name just a few. What if we could support and enhance our bodies natural adaptive abilities? That was our goal in creating these products.(referring to CALMINGBLEND SYSTEM)-Nicole Stevens, MS, Research and Development Scientist

Our science team created this whole system around sustaining neurotransmitters in our brain. Here are some neurotransmitters that we will refer to in this class:

1. Serotonin regulates our mood, sleep, memory, sexual desire, and appetite. 

2. Dopamine regulates learning, movement, motivation, compulsion, and feelings of pleasure and euphoria. It has been connected to addictions, as well.

3. Glutamate is the primaryexcitatory transmitter in our brain, which means that it will increase the potential for a nerve cell to fire, creating an action. It is correlated to cortisol levels, as well. 

4. Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is the main inhibitory neurotransmitter, which means it blocks certain brain signals to keep the Central Nervous System in balance. This system includes a capsule supplement, Essential Oil blend, and a pre-made roller that work together in a synergistic manner, meaning that the results multiply when used collectively. 

Next, we will dive into the individual details about these products.