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Step 11 – ADAPTIV for Women's Health

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Chronic stress can lead to decreased thyroid function, adrenal fatigue, anovulation, amenorrhea, irregular periods, higher insulin levels. As WOMEN, sometimes we can think we are driven by stress or that busy earns us a badge of honor. It is so important that instead we embrace

Several ingredients in the ADAPTIV SYSTEM are helpful for WOMEN’s HEALTH.

GABA, found in the capsules, is linked to WOMEN’s sex hormones. When progesterone levels are high, we find that GABA function increases. Decreased levels of progesterone has been linked to insufficient levels of GABA. As we already know this can cause anxious feelings, poor sleep, lack of focus, and unstable mood. It is important to address GABA and progesterone function with a practitioner, especially those who are around the age of menopause.

Ahiflower, found in the capsules, contains omega-6 fatty acids which can support healthy bones and brain function, that are especially important to women’s daily health.

Lavender Essential Oil, found in the capsules and blend, is considered one of the top Essential Oils to use for hormone support for those of all ages. This of course is also helpful to calm anxious feelings and promote a restful sleep. Many also find it is comforting during their menstrual cycle.

Rosemary Essential Oil, found in the blend, is especially helpful for hormone support for perimenopausal or menopausal women. It is very renewing, grounding, and balancing.

Wild Orange Essential Oil, found in the blend and capsules, uplifts the mind and body. Many love to use this oil for a restful sleep and stress relief.

Neroli Essential Oil, found in the blend, is another fantastic oil that many WOMEN love to use this oil to promote sexual desire, resilience, and harmony with long-term relationships. Many women also like to use this oil for cramps and stretch marks.

Copaiba Essential Oil, found in the blend, helps WOMEN who need to make peace with their past, forgive themselves, and move into a place of purposeful existence. Many also find that this oil is comforting during their menstrual cycle.

Magnolia Essential Oil, found in the blend, is helpful to WOMEN when they are needing to be more compassionate and merciful to those around them. Many love to use this for menstrual support as well.


• 40 drops ADAPTIV

• 10oz Ultra Fine Mist spray bottle

• Vodka

Add drops to the spray bottle. Fill the remainder of the bottle with Vodka or witch hazel. Let sit for 24-48 hours to blend. Spray on as a perfume daily. You can also use this as a room spray.

TIP: Add the Ultra Fine Mist spray bottle to your next order.


• 4+ drops ADAPTIV

• 3 tbsp. dried lavender herb, optional

• 6+ c. rice

• Flannel or cotton material

Cut the material into a 12x20” piece. Fold the right sides together into a long rectangle. Sew the fabric down three open sides, leaving a 2-3” opening. Turn your fabric, making sure to push out the corners. In a bowl, combine the rice, 4-5 drops of Essential Oil, and dried lavender. Pour into the opening, using a funnel if needed. You want the bag to be about 2/3 full. Fold in the raw edges. Sew the opening shut.

When in use, warm the rice bag in the microwave for approximately 2-3 minutes. Add more Essential Oil drops as needed. Apply to the stomach when crampy or shoulders when feeling tense.