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Step 1 - Welcome to the CBD VS. Copaiba Class

It seems as if CBD Oil is all the rage these days. Ads for it can be seen popping up all over the internet. It can be found in stores dedicated to its sale, as well as many local shops. You might even find it at your local spa or hairdresser.

But what is CBD? And why do many people associate Copaiba Essential Oil with CBD? Is it legal? Dangerous? Useful?

In this class, we will talk about how CBD and Copaiba stack up--their similarities, differences, and how they are and are not related.

Sources for this class:

• Everything You Need to Know About CBD -

• Dr. Hill, How Copaiba Works -

• Endocannabinoids Explained -

• Beta-Caryophyllene -

Additional sources are listed in individual steps.


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