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9.  Make and Take Classes

We love teaching classes "Make ‘N Take Style".  Reach out if you would like to try these and we can get you stated with things that have worked really well for us.

What makes these Make ‘N Takes so special? Why not just teach intro classes all the time if we are good at them?


1. This class formats are simple and duplicatable. People do not have to have any oils knowledge to teach them. You read from a script,  make stuff and when they have a question about what an oil does, you show them how to use an oils book to look it up. YOU EMPOWER THEM! Anyone can teach these classes with zero experience because you just read from the tools.

2. Guests WANT to come. We want them to WANT to keep coming back and bring guests! Once folks have started their Oil journey, they do not want to repeatedly come back for an "Intro to Oils 101 Class," with their friends.

3. Because your current members want to come back, it improves their oils education and increases their LRP orders. Each time they come back, they learn how to use the oils they already have AND oils they don't have.

4. If Make and Take classes are something you want to do, let's talk and see what is the best format for you.

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