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13.  How To Move Someone Within 14 Days

When someone enrolls- you get 14 days to move them. If they are WA (Wellness Advocate with social security number entered) you don't ever get to move them again. If they are WC (Wholesale Customer), and if they wait 90 days before upgrading, you get another 14 day move. If they upgrade between day 1-90 they get locked in where they are. Always move your enrollments where you think you will want them in case they upgrade day 1-90 on their own!

  • Log into your back office.
  • Click TEAM tab
  • Click on the person you want to move and enter the ID of the person you want them moved under (their new sponsor).

SPONSOR is the person they are under in dōTERRA

ENROLLER is the person that enrolled them

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