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The Fortune Is In The Follow Up

I give every one of my new enrollees a "goodie bag". I want them to feel appreciated and be excited about the dōTERRA Journey they are beginning!

It holds samples of our most popular products that are not in the average kit. It gets them excited to have new things to try right away. These make good options for their first LRP order. Get the goodie bag samples to them when they enroll so they have fun stuff to try before their enrollment kit even arrives! Don't lose that excitement & momentum they have! Then, when you chat 7-10 days after enrollment they are ready to set up LRP. Help them process their LRP in less than 30 days from the day they enrolled to earn Fast Start Commissions.

Trying goodie bags? Include some of these things...
💧Organza Bag 6x9 (
💧A-Z guide or Essential Oils Simplified $1 book (,
💧Shampoo Conditioner dōTERRA Sample (Order in LRP)
💧Deep Blue dōTERRA Sample (Order in LRP)
💧On Guard Toothpaste Sample (Order in LRP)
💧Balance & Serenity Calm/Stress/Sleep
(5 ml roller 10 drops each + FCO)
💧Yay Oils Happy Mood Perfume Blend
(or use your team name!...5 drops each Balance, Citrus Bliss, Elevation & Whisper + FCO in 5 ml roller)
If you are feeling really generous, these are two that we love to add as well.
💧DDR Prime 5 ml roller (10 drops plus FCO/MCT)
💧Zendocrine 5 ml roller (10 drops plus FCO/MCT)

If you have a limited budget, try to always get them a shampoo/conditioner sample and a balance/serenity roller!

You can make your own labels with a label maker. Dymo Letratag is great. You can order one here: or you can order labels from this site- they make labels to match our

Include your business card and make sure your labels tell them
1. What it's for
2. Where to apply it or how to use it and how often
3. If it's a roller for new members include the recipe
The samples available in your LRP cart can be located by typing "sample" in the "quick add by item" section in the cart.

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