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Get To Know Copaiba

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Towering over the Amazon rainforest in Brazil stands the copaiba tree. These slow-growing trees can reach heights upwards of 100 feet during the course of their lives, which span centuries! Within this giant of the forest flows a treasure called copaiba oleoresin (think oil plus resin), which is tapped in a similar way to how maple trees are tapped for their syrup. The oleoresin is then heated to distill dōTERRA Copaiba essential oil as we know it. Copaiba is among the newer additions to the family, so let’s take some time to get to know it!

First of all, let’s establish that not everyone will pronounce the name of this oil the same way. You say koh-pey-buh, I say koh-pa-ee-buh; can we all just agree that we’re talking about the same oil? (Given that copaiba trees are native to Latin America, it’s going to sound best with the Spanish flair.) Not only is its pronunciation versatile, so are its uses! Before we dive in, let’s get a Copaiba diffuser blend going. This one can serve to create an atmosphere of either excitement or escape, whichever one you’re looking for at the moment.

Rainforest Escape Diffuser Blend

4 drops Copaiba

3 drops Cedarwood

2 drops Lime

Now that we’re gazing up at the forest canopy in wonder while inhaling this magical combination of aromas, we can proceed. As you’ve already seen in the above diffuser recipe, Copaiba blends well with Cedarwood; you’ll also want to experience how it blends with Sandalwood, Roman Chamomile, and Frankincense. You might settle on a personalized fragrance mixture that suits you just right.

Copaiba is also a valuable tool in your hands to support whole-body wellness. The challenge is finding a part of the body that doesn’t benefit from it! For your skin, use it to downplay the appearance of imperfections and maintain cleanliness. You might add a drop or two to your skin toner and apply to your face in upward circular motions, or even apply it directly to your skin before moisturizing. For a secret weapon when occasional anxious feelings creep up, use Copaiba’s spicy, woody scent to impart steadfastness. To unwind, diffuse by itself or in the rainforest blend mentioned earlier. How about a rainforest escape bath? Just add 2-3 drops to body wash before mixing it into the water.

With all these potential uses for Copaiba already on the table, the most important fact remaining concerns the beautiful rainforest itself. The Amazon rainforest represents over half of the world’s remaining rainforests, and dōTERRA proudly partners with a large network of copaiba harvesters who sustainably collect the oleoresin. They know their trade well, and they carefully do everything in their power to ensure the longevity of the copaiba tree. What more could you want in a bottle than a sustainably-sourced rainforest escape? It’s just one of the many benefits of getting to know Copaiba.

Here's a safe, calming blend that is great to make a roller out of for calming on the go.  Add thesereat drops to a 10ml bottle and top with Fractionated Coconut oil. Roll on wrists, over your heart and BREATHE it in. 

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