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Day 7

Day 7

  • What if we take a moment today to simply raise our awareness of the good things in our lives?? We invite you to take a few minutes to express gratitude in a journal, in a prayer, in a note to a friend or in any other way that speaks to you. Gratitude is good for the soul!

Extra Mile Challenge:
Ready for your EXTRA-MILER Challenges?? Each round of Oil Camp, we present everyone with the opportunity to learn a little more or do a little something extra with their oils.

SO-- If you're looking for MORE, here are the EXTRA MILE CHALLENGES:

  • Challenge Option #1: Find a DIY recipe of your own and make it (could be food, dryer balls, spa products, whatever you want!)
  • Challenge Option #2: Watch this valuable discussion (24 minutes) with Dr. Hill that dives deeper into essential oil usage and safety.

  • Challenge Option #3: Select 3 additional education videos from dōTERRA’s website.

If you have any questions please email Gwyn: Hello@oilswithgwyn.comere.

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